It is not uncommon for a company to need the services of a third party occupational safety and

health auditing firm. Generally, help is needed on either a temporary full time basis or an

ongoing part time basis, depending upon the need. Needs can range from the implementation of

new machinery, equipment, or policies; assistance with rolling out or completing a new project;

upgrading some aspect of the facility; expansions; moving; renovating; building out a new

facility; or ongoing maintenance of existing safety and health procedures.

As such, most third party occupational safety and health auditing firms offer on site safety

compliance assistance on either a continuous part time basis or a temporary full time basis. The

continuous service is, generally, to help in ensuring all State and Federal OSHA regulatory

requirements are met. With our service at Premier Factory Safety, you get a dedicated block of

20 hours per month from a Premier Factory Safety Professional, who can provide technical

support, carry out predetermined activities, and advise management in ongoing safety and loss

prevention efforts.

Temporary full time assistance is generally to help with the other short term needs mentioned

earlier. This assistance can range from building and implementing safety to procedures to

assisting in training employees on new procedures to strategizing on how best to minimize risk

as the facility changes.

No matter what your need, it is important to find the right third party occupational safety and

health auditing firm to work with, so if you have any questions about these services or how they

can benefit your company, please contact us. If you have anything to add about the importance of

o site safety compliance services, please leave a comment.