The United States Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration has

renewed an alliance with the West Texas Safety Training Center to promote worker safety and

health for oil and gas workers. This is a three year alliance that plans to increase access to

material and knowledge that aims to promote understanding of workplace health and safety

rights and responsibilities of workers and employers. The target industries are construction and

oil and gas.

“Since our alliance began more than eight years ago, West Texas Safety Training Center has

been an excellent agency partner, communicating safety and health information to employers and

workers in the petrochemical, construction and other industries. We greatly appreciate their

support for OSHA’s workplace safety initiatives,” said Elizabeth Linda Routh, OSHA’s area

director in Lubbock.

This is just another in a long line of alliances and partnerships which OSHA has formed or

renewed recently in regards to the construction and oil and gas industries, especially in Texas.

Clearly, there is a strong emphasis on workplace safety in these industries in this area, and it is

imperative if you own or operate a business in this space that you ensure your occupational

safety and health policies and procedures are current and updated. With the plethora of resources

available through these partnerships, there will be no reason to have inadequate procedures in

place. So if you have not recently reviewed your policies and procedures or if you know there are

deficiencies, now is the time to contact a qualified third party occupational safety and health

auditing firm to assist in updating your policies and procedures.

If you have any questions about this alliance and how it could impact your business or about how

to update your occupational safety and health policies and procedures, please contact us. If you

have anything to add about this alliance or about the importance of updated occupational safety

and health policies and procedures, please leave a comment.