The United States Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration has

cited Ziggy’s Roofing Inc. for five safety and health violations, including three repeated

violations, one willful violation, and one serious safety and health violation. They come in

response to two inspection of worksites in Norridge, Ill. in July and August of 2015. These

inspections were initiated after inspectors noticed four employees doing residential roofing work

in Chicago without fall protection. The citations are for violations relating to a lack of fall

protection, specifically a lack of guardrails, safety nets, or personal fall prevention devices when

employees were working more than 14 feet above the ground. Additionally, employees on the

ground were working without head protection and were using nail guns without eye protection.

These violations carry proposed penalties of $115,500.

“Ziggy’s Roofing continues to ignore OSHA standards and is failing to protect its employees on

the job,” said Angeline Loftus, OSHA’s area director for the Chicago North Office in Des

Plaines. “OSHA will continue to monitor this employer for compliance, and do everything in its

power to keep workers safely out of life-threatening working conditions.”

As you can see from this example, just because you are inspected, it does not mean that you are

clear of another inspection directly thereafter. So if you do go through an OSHA inspection, it is

extremely important to disseminate this information, and the relevant corrections, to all

employees and jobsites immediately to avoid repeat inspections and additional fines.

If you have any questions about this inspection or about how to correct your occupational safety

and health policies and procedures to avoid citations and penalties, please contact us. If you have

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