Of all the areas of occupational safety and health, lockout tagout might just be the most

complicated to work with. For starters, it is extremely difficult to establish policies and

procedures for lockout tagout. But even after establishing appropriate policies and procedures, it

can be a struggle to maintain them over the long term, as there are so many variables involved in

creating and maintaining them. And finally, everything needs to be reconciled through OSHA

Standard 1910.147, which is infamously complicated and, at times, needlessly convoluted.

As such, one of the most commonly cited issues during an OSHA inspection is improper lockout

tagout policies and procedures. And for most companies, this does not come from lacking

procedures, or even from improperly created ones – it comes from mishandled policies and

procedures which were not maintained properly. Lockout tagout policies and procedures need to

be reviewed anytime there is a change to personnel, machinery, the layout of the facility, or the

location of the facility. So this can create a situation where a growing business needs to

reexamine their policies and procedures frequently. But due to the complex nature of lockout

tagout, even if you remember to check the policies and procedures every time, you still run the

risk of improperly updating them.

To combat this, we have created our factory solutions software. It is a web-based program which

allows you to monitor your lockout tagout policies and procedures from anywhere there is an

internet connection. It is fully scalable, fully customizable, and is monitored by a leading third

party lockout tagout auditing firm. You get the convenience of real-time updating and the peace

of mind of knowing your policies and procedures remain compliant after an update.

If you have any questions about lockout tagout maintenance or about our Factory Solutions

Software, please contact us. If you have anything else to add about the importance of proper

lockout tagout maintenance, please leave a comment.