Lockout tagout, of all areas of occupational safety and health, is possibly the most difficult area

in which to work for most companies. This is because it is both extremely difficult to create

effective lockout tagout policies and procedures and because it can be a nightmare to continually

manage and update these policies and procedures. The reason it is so hard to create lockout

tagout policies and procedures stems from OSHA Standard 1910.147, which governs lockout

tagout. This standard is extremely complicated, extremely convoluted, and has a near endless

number of possibilities, making every single company’s policies and procedures unique to the


It is so hard to manage and update because, again, of OSHA Standard 1910.147. All of those

unique possible pieces in the creation of lockout tagout policies and procedures leads to a set of

policies and procedures which can have need to be updated extremely frequently. Anytime there

is a change to the personnel, layout of the machinery, the layout of the facility, the physical

location of the facility, or the actual machinery itself, there could be a need to update the policies

and procedures.

All of this maintenance can become overwhelming for a safety team, and could lead a

management team to hire a third party lockout tagout auditing firm to assist in this maintenance.

Unfortunately, these firms can be expensive, there is still the potential for gaps in the policies

and procedures between audits, and management must relinquish control of the policies and

procedures to the third party firm. And while this is all, ultimately, a small price to pay for the

peace of mind of knowing the lockout tagout policies and procedures are up-to-date, it can still

be hard to stomach.

Fortunately, there is now another option. With our Factory Solutions Software, you can update

your lockout tagout policies and procedures through a web-based program that can be accessed

anywhere there is an internet connection. It is fully scalable, fully customizable, and is overseen

by a leading lockout tagout auditing firm.

If you have any questions about updating lockout tagout policies and procedures or about our

Factory Solutions Software, please contact us. If you have anything to add about the importance

of updating lockout tagout policies and procedures, please leave a comment.