Establishing lockout tagout policies and procedures can be an arduous task. It requires you to

work with OSHA Standard 1910.147, which in and of itself is extremely difficult; it also requires

you to create policies and procedures which can be under near constant review as there are a

number of variables which can change at any time, and if the policies and procedures are not

being monitored, they could become outdated; and finally, it requires you to create policies and

procedures which are easily updated while remaining compliant. All of this together makes for

quite a difficult process.

But even after creating these procedures, they must actually be monitored for changes and then

changed as appropriate. And this is where many companies have problems. To assist in the

monitoring and updating of lockout tagout procedures, many companies hire third party lockout

tagout auditing firms. Unfortunately, this then gives control of the policies and procedures to a

third party, can be very costly, and can also leave gaps in coverage between third party audits.

And if a safety team becomes reliant upon a third party, it may not know when relevant changes

are occurring to notify said third party and have the policies and procedures updated.

The companies which audit their policies and procedures in-house, however, also run substantial

risks. While potentially mitigating some of the costs and lack of control, they are now reliant

upon an internal team to properly assess and control these very complex policies and procedures.

And if there is not a true lockout tagout expert on staff, there could be very serious issues with

the policies and procedures over time.

Fortunately, we have created an economical solution which bridges these two options. Our

Factory Solutions Software is a web-based program accessible anywhere there is an internet

connection. It allows the company to update their lockout tagout policies and procedures in real

time. It is fully scalable, fully customizable, and is monitored by a leading third party lockout

tagout auditing firm. It gives control back to the business while still offering the peace of mind of

a third party auditing firm.

If you have any questions about changing your lockout tagout policies and procedures or about

our Factory Solutions Software, please contact us. If you have anything to add about the

importance of monitoring and updating lockout tagout policies and procedures, please leave a