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Occupational health and safety means more than just posting a few signs. It means having solutions in place that prevent injury or accident through education and awareness. Lean More
The safety of your employees is essential to you and your business, and compliance to all the Safety and Health regulations can be burdensome. Learn More
Factory Solutions is a powerful customized application used to survey and audit facilities for compliance, management control and record-keeping. Learn More

Premier Factory Safety: Building Blocks of Best Practices

Premier Factory Safety offers safety solutions and services that adds value and reduces operating cost within your organization. Through the adoption and integration of best safety practices and Factory Solutions Software, companies can manage change, be compliant and work toward an injury free work environment.

Our Value Proposition

Premier’s ISO process-driven approach to project management, implementation, and customer relationship management differentiates us from our competitors. Premier Factory Safety has moved to the forefront of technology by developing FACTORY SOLUTIONS, a web-based software program that was designed to maintain visual procedures within manufacturing environments. This program provides a platform upon which clients can manage evolving processes and capitalize on the benefits of an electronic document management system.

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