Auditing is important for any aspect of a business; from reviewing financials to ensuring

timesheet accuracy, auditing should be a cornerstone for any business practice. It would stand to

reason, then, that auditing is important for occupational safety and health policies and

procedures. Ensuring they are accurate, efficient, and that they protect both employees from

harm and employers from costly audits and litigation should be a top concern.

Unfortunately, many companies rely on their own safety teams to self-audit. And while these

teams are usually more than capable of handling the workload, auditing yourself can lead to

errors and omissions. If the team which created a policy with an error is the same team reviewing

said policy, it would not be surprising for that team to miss the error, again. This type of review

process is common, and often leads to issues.

The other option is a third party audit from a highly qualified third party auditing firm. And

while these audits should ensure compliance, they can be costly, and they can also leave gaps in

the policies and procedures between audits. This is especially true of certain areas of

occupational safety and health, such as lockout tagout.

Lockout tagout policies and procedures need to be reviewed any time there is a change to the

personnel, machinery, layout, or physical plant location. Managing all of these changes with a

third party firm can be tricky, as there can be need to make corrections very frequently.

Fortunately, we have created a solution. Our Factory Solutions Software is fully scalable, fully

customizable, and can be accessed anywhere there is an internet connection. It is maintained by a

leading third party lockout tagout auditing firm, meaning you know that your policies and

procedures are correct, but you have the ability to make corrections as needed.

If you have any questions about your lockout tagout policies and procedures or about our Factory

Solutions Software, please contact us. If you have anything to add about the importance of

auditing policies and procedures for lockout tagout, please leave a comment.