Lockout tagout is one of the most difficult areas of occupational safety and health to properly

manage for most companies. And while there are many reasons for this, for many the issues

begin when trying to create comprehensive lockout tagout procedures and policies. These

procedures are difficult to properly establish and implement due to the complexity of the

governing standard, OSHA Standard 1910.147.

The complexity of lockout tagout comes from the number of potential variables which can

impact the policies and procedures. Lockout tagout is one of the few areas of occupational safety

and health where there are no useful quick guides available to employers, as they are either too

complicated or are lacking in customizability which makes them useless. The primary variables

to consider are: the personnel, machinery, and the facility itself. And anytime there is a change to

any of these variables, there needs to be a mechanism in place to update the lockout tagout

procedures. And if there is not an appropriate mechanism in place from the initial creation of the

lockout tagout procedures, then anytime there are personnel changes, facility layout changes,

machinery layout changes, or updates made to the machinery, the lockout tagout standards run

the risk of becoming outdated.

Fortunately, there is now a comprehensive, web-based program which helps you to monitor,

track, and update your lockout tagout procedures. Our Factory Solutions Software is fully

customizable, fully scalable, and monitored by a leading third party lockout tagout auditing firm.

With Factory Solutions Software, you know you are creating effective lockout tagout procedures

and you know that they will remain accurate as your company grows.

If you have any questions about creating lockout tagout procedures or about our Factory

Solutions Software, please contact us. If you have anything else to add about creating lockout

tagout procedures and policies, please leave a comment.