Lockout tagout can be a very difficult area of occupational safety and health to manage and

maintain. Forgetting the difficulty which most companies have in establishing a competent and

fully inclusive plan for handling lockout tagout, the maintenance alone can be enough to drive a

safety team insane. There are a series of moving parts, a number of things which need constant

monitoring, and for many companies, a need to constantly tweak the policies and procedures.

In an effort to help ensure compliant policies and procedures, some companies attempt to

monitor and maintain their lockout tagout in house. To do this, they consult OSHA Standard

1910.147, which governs lockout tagout policies and procedures. This standard, however, is

extremely complicated, has a multitude of changing requirements, and creates a situation where

every single facility will need different, unique, policies and procedures, making it important that

you have a clear understanding of the policy, as it can be difficult to get specific answers to

questions online.

So with all of that in mind, many companies hire third party lockout tagout auditing firms to help

manage and monitor these policies and procedures. Unfortunately, these companies can only

manage your policies and procedures while at your facility, meaning the time between audits can

leave your company vulnerable. In addition, you give up control of your policies and procedures

to a third party, which can be uncomfortable for many owners.

Fortunately, there is another solution which blends the cost-effective strategy of in-house

management with the precision and protection of third party firms. Our Factory Solutions

Software is a web-based program which can be accessed anywhere there is an internet

connection. It allows you to monitor, track, and update your policies and procedures, knowing

that they are fully updated and accurate, as they are monitored by a leading third party lockout

tagout auditing firm. The program is fully scalable, fully customizable, and can be updated at any


If you have any questions about maintaining lockout tagout policies and procedures or about our

Factory Solutions Software, please contact us. If you have anything else to add about

maintaining lockout tagout policies and procedures, please leave a comment.