OSHA has recently renewed its alliance with the OSHA Sustainable Workforce Alliance,

formerly known as the Georgia Youth Alliance. This alliance is designed to have a continued

emphasis on youth workers, specifically committed to providing members and others with

information, guidance, and access to training resources that will help them protect the health and

safety of youth workers and educators in career/technical education programs throughout

Georgia. This is a five year renewal to the alliance.

“The renewal of this alliance reflects the importance of recognizing the value of maintaining a

collaborative relationship between public services and private businesses to foster safer and

healthier environments for American workers,” said Teresa Harrison, OSHA’s deputy regional

director in Atlanta. “This alliance will continue to help develop effective training programs,

promote positive workplace awareness and open communication between OSHA, employers and


This alliance reaffirms OSHA’s commitment to young employees, across multiple sectors. As

such, if you employ a number of youthful employees, it is important to understand what targeted

resources are available to you to help teach your safety team, management, and employees about

maintaining safety and employee rights when dealing with young employees. If you are unsure

how this alliance impacts you, or how it can help your employees stay safe and your business out

of trouble with OSHA, it might be advisable to contact a qualified third party occupational safety

and health auditing firm to review your policies and procedures and ensure they align with this


If you have any questions about how this alliance impacts you or about updating your

occupational safety and health policies and procedures, please contact us. If you have anything to

add about this alliance, please leave a comment.