The United States Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration has

cited Harden Furniture Inc. for twenty five safety and health violations, comprised of twenty five

serious violations. They come in response to an inspection of a facility in McConellsville, NY in

April of 2015. This inspection was initiated by the OSHA Syracuse Area Office as part of the

agency’s national emphasis program that conducts targeted inspections of workplaces with

machinery equipment that cause – or are capable of causing – amputations. The citations are for

issues relating to failure to guard saws and woodworking machinery to prevent employees from

coming in contact with blades; fall hazards from unguarded floors and platforms, missing

railings and unsafe ladders; obstructed and inadequately lit and marked exit routes; deposits of

combustible residue; inadequate safeguards for employees working in confined spaces; deficient

safeguards to prevent the unintended startup of machinery; and ungrounded electrical equipment.

These violations carry proposed penalties of $106,200.

“Employees at the McConnellsville plant face the hazards of amputation, falls, fire, electric

shock or being caught in unexpectedly activated machinery. These are hazards commonly

associated with woodworking machinery and manufacturing, and they are hazards that can easily

be prevented by an employer,” said Christopher Adams, OSHA’s area director in Syracuse.

“Harden Furniture must take effective corrective action to eliminate these hazardous conditions.”

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