As we have said many, many times before on this blog and throughout our website, and as you

can read in countless places on the internet, lockout tagout policies and procedures are among the

most difficult to create and maintain in the entire world of occupational safety and health. Part of

the difficulty is the regulation, OSHA Standard 1910.147, which is extremely technical,

convoluted, and specific. The other part of the problem is the amount of maintenance required to

keep lockout tagout policies and procedures compliant.

To overcome the first challenge, the standard, many companies will hire a third party lockout

tagout auditing firm to ensure the lockout tagout policies and procedures are created correctly.

This can certainly help to ensure accuracy at the point of creation, but will not help with the

second issue, ongoing maintenance.

So to solve the second issue, some companies maintain a relationship with a third party lockout

tagout auditing firm. This helps ensure that, as the company changes and regulations change, the

policies and procedures will be properly updated, as well. Unfortunately, this is often very

expensive. In addition, the time between audits can be a vulnerability, where, if any changes are

made to the facility, machinery, personnel, or layout, the procedures will be incorrect.

Fortunately, there is now a better way. With our Factory Solutions Software, you can either

upload your current lockout tagout policies and procedures or create new ones, then monitor

them from anywhere a web connection is available. The software is controlled and managed by

you, keeping you in control of the procedures, however it is overseen by us, ensuring


If you have any questions about lockout tagout policies and procedures or about our Factory

Solutions Software, please contact us. If you have anything to add about the importance of

updated lockout tagout policies and procedures, please leave a comment.