The United States Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration has

cited United Hospital Supply Corp. for twenty one safety and health violations, including one

willful violation, ten repeat violations, nine serious violations, and one other than serious

violation. They come in response to an inspection of a worksite in Burlington, NJ in May of

2015. This inspection was initiated as part of the agency’s site specific targeting program for

industries with high injury and illness rates. The citations are for violations relating to welding

operation hazards, electrical hazards, unguarded machinery, lack of hand protection, and

uninspected overhead cranes. These violations carry proposed penalties of $181,500.

“The willful and repeat violations cited during these latest inspections were identified in 2010 at

United Health Supply Corp.’s facility. In the last five years, the company has shown plain

indifference by not implementing or maintaining corrective actions to address these hazards,”

said Paula Dixon-Roderick, OSHA’s area director in Marlton. “Employers will be held legally

responsible when they fail to provide a safe and healthful workplace.”

With twenty one safety violations, you can see the OSHA inspectors were thorough in their

inspection. This should serve to reinforce the importance of full and complete occupational

safety and health policies and procedures for all aspects of your business. Otherwise, a plethora

of issues could arise during an inspection, even if they are in areas that are not related to the

original reason for the inspection.

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