When thinking about the most complicated areas of occupational safety and health, lockout

tagout will come to mind for most safety experts. This is because lockout tagout is governed by

OSHA Standard 1910.147, which is a convoluted mess of complicated regulations and

requirements. But beyond the difficulties of understanding what is required to establish

appropriate policies and procedures for lockout tagout, monitoring, maintaining, and updating

lockout tagout policies and procedures is also a trying task.

Standard 1910.147 is difficult to understand as it is extremely specific. Specific to the point

where no two facilities will have the same lockout tagout procedures, meaning it is often difficult

to find quick guides or shortcuts online. But the reason for this specificity is that anything from a

change in personnel to a change in machinery or even machinery placement could disrupt the

lockout tagout policies and procedures. As such, custom policies and procedures are required for

each and every facility. Additionally, there needs to be adequate planning in place to allow these

policies and procedures to be updated as needed with an assumption of frequent tweaks.

For some, the easiest answer is to hire in a third party lockout tagout auditing firm. The firm then

analyzes the facility, creates the policies and procedures, then manages them on an ongoing

basis. Unfortunately, this can be a very expensive process and takes ownership of the policies

and procedures out of the hands of ownership and instead makes you reliant on a third party.

So to help ensure compliant lockout tagout policies and procedures are created without breaking

the bank or giving up control of said policies and procedures, many business owners are

switching to our Factory Solutions Software. This software is web based, available anywhere

you have an internet connection, is monitored by a leading third party lockout tagout auditing

firm, is fully customizable, and can be updated at any time. It gives you the peace of mind of a

third party lockout tagout firm without the overhead or loss of control.

If you have any questions about establishing policies and procedures for lockout tagout or about

our Factory Solutions Software, please contact us. If you have anything to add about establishing

policies and procedures for lockout tagout, please leave a comment.