When establishing lockout tagout policies and procedures, it is important to account not just for

the policies and procedures being created at that time, but also how these policies and procedures

will be updated and monitored going forward. Unfortunately, this second portion can be even

more difficult than simply creating accurate, compliant policies and procedures.

When creating lockout tagout policies and procedures, you need to consult OSHA Standard

1910.147. This standard is difficult to work with; it is complicated, convoluted, and has a

number of variables which make it difficult to create accurate, specific policies and procedures.

This standard also makes it hard to account for the variables which could change and require

updates down the line.

As such, many companies hire third party lockout tagout auditing firms. Companies which do

this, however, leave control of their lockout tagout policies and procedures in the hand of an

external company. And as such, they need to consult with the third party every time they change

personnel, machinery, equipment, floor layout, or the location of the facility. This creates

needless consulting costs and the potential for errors, as the actual standards and procedures are

not maintained by the company.

Instead, a better option is our Factory Solutions Software. This is a web-based program which

allows you to update your lockout tagout procedures anywhere there is an internet connection.

You maintain control of your policies and procedures, while getting the peace of mind of a

leading third party lockout tagout auditing firm monitoring them.

If you have any questions about monitoring policies and procedures for lockout tagout or about

our Factory Solutions Software, please contact us. If you have anything to add about the

importance of accurately monitoring lockout tagout policies and procedures, please leave a