Whether ramping up a new facility or process, managing a facility while understaffed, or simply trying to

get safety procedures back under control, PF Safety can help with On-Site Safety Compliance Services.

With our services, you gain access to a proven professional in the occupational safety and health arena

who can come in and hit the ground running with you in whatever you need.

We offer our services in two ways: on a Continuous Part Time basis or a Temporary Full Time.

Continuous Part Time is useful to many small and medium sized businesses that simply want a

professional overseeing all of their activities in the occupational safety and health space. We give the

company a dedicated 20 hour block per month of on-site assistance, helping with technical support,

predetermined value added activities, and advising management in all aspects of safety and loss

prevention efforts.

Our Temporary Full Time Assistance allows us to send an occupational safety and health professional to

a company on a full time basis to help during a finite period of time. So if a company is adding processes,

rewriting processes, ramping up a new facility, bringing on new employees, or if the Safety Director is

just overwhelmed, our professional will come to act as a partner in getting everything back up to speed.

If you have any questions about our On-Site Safety Compliance Services, or about occupational safety

and health in general, please contact us. If you have anything to add about the benefits of our On-Site

Safety Compliance Services, please leave a comment.