Third party safety audits are an important part of any complete occupational safety and health

program which a company has. They allow an external occupational safety and health expert to

come into a facility and inspect everything from wall to wall and top to bottom searching for any

hazards and reviewing the current policies and procedures in place to protect employees from

them. The auditor can then find any holes in the current policies and procedures, and notify the

company of any missed hazards or outdated policies.

A quality third party auditor will make sure the entire facility is fully OSHA compliant, will

point out areas of opportunity, and will help you to update your policies to ensure full

compliance. Should you ever go through the process of an audit by OSHA, you will have already

reviewed your facility. OSHA will also review the documentation from your third party auditor,

which could help you should a violation be found.

And most importantly, you will know that your employees are safe. The point of OSHA and all

of its standards is to ensure a safe workplace for employees. And really, that should be the goal

of any company. Routine third party safety audits help to ensure safety at work, which will create

happier employees, less risk, and lower fines should you ever be audited.

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