Creating lockout tagout procedures is, in no way, an easy task. It involves a deep understanding

of a complex OSHA standard, a highly competent safety team, and a mindful eye to detail.

OSHA Standard 1910.147, the standard which governs lockout tagout, is difficult to fully

understand, as the rules change for each situation and facility. In order to create these procedures,

many companies hire outside consultants to help them.

But in so doing, the company is left with procedures they did not create and no surefire plan to

update and review them. And with lockout tagout, anytime a machine is moved, personnel

changes, equipment is updated, or the facility is changed in any way, there could be a need to

update the procedures. Further, should OSHA change the policies, it is important to have some

mechanism in place to correct the lockout tagout procedures.

Fortunately, there is a web based software available, called Factory Solutions, which monitors

your lockout tagout procedures and advises you of needed changes. It is monitored by a

professional third party lockout tagout auditing firm, allows for updating anywhere there is an

internet connection, and lets you know if Standard 1910.147, or any other standard, has changed

which impacts your current procedures.

If you have any questions about updating lockout tagout procedures in-house or about our

Factory Solutions software, please contact us. If you have anything to add about updating

lockout tagout procedures or the importance of routine maintenance to those procedures, please

leave a comment.