Lockout tagout procedures can be as difficult to update as they are to create. The procedures are

governed by a very onerous OSHA Standard, Standard 1910.147. They also require updating

every time there are changes to machinery, layout, personnel, or location, and there are no

reliable quick guides on-line to help with lockout tagout procedures because every company

needs to have unique procedures. This, coupled with the high fines assessed by OSHA for any

issues with lockout tagout procedures can lead to a very dangerous, and expensive, problem

every time your facility changes.

For this reason, many companies hire qualified third party lockout tagout auditing firms to assist

in the creation, maintenance, and updating of these procedures. With a good third party firm, you

will know the procedures are created correctly and being maintained effectively. Unfortunately,

this can be extremely expensive and requires regular contact between the company and the third

party auditing firm. And in the event of an audit, that third party may or may not stand behind

you to help you avoid penalties and fines.

But now, there is an alternative to either doing it yourself or hiring a third party lockout tagout

firm. You can use web based software which is monitored by a highly qualified third party

lockout tagout auditing firm, but which remains in the hands of the company. This software, our

Factory Solutions Software, is accessible anywhere the internet is accessible, is fully scalable,

fully customizable, and allows you to remain in control of your own lockout tagout procedures

while knowing that they are being properly monitored by us.

If you have any questions about updating lockout tagout procedures or about our Factory

Solutions software, please contact us. If you have anything to add about the importance of

routinely updating lockout tagout procedures, please leave a comment.