Lockout tagout procedures are a critical part of any occupational safety and health plan when

there are dangerous machines at a facility. So if you own a company which uses several dozen

large machines, it is imperative you have accurate and compliant lockout tagout procedures.

These procedures are governed by OSHA Standard 1910.147, which needs to be used as a

guideline when creating your procedures.

These procedures help ensure employees are both protected from potential danger by locking

them out, and are made aware of the potential dangers of the machine from injury. And

while this sounds easy enough, the truth of the matter is it can be extremely difficult to create

compliant lockout tagout procedures. And there are two reasons for this: first, OSHA Standard

1910.147 is extremely complex, accounting for many different possible scenarios, and second,

because every single lockout tagout procedure will be unique. The location of machines, the

size, the voltage, the personnel associated, and the usage of the machines will all be factored

into lockout tagout procedures. So even if you use the same machines as another company, your

procedures will look very different.

There is also the issue of updating these procedures. Every time you upgrade a machine, move it,

change personnel, change plant operations, or change locations, you need to update your lockout

tagout procedures. This can be a very time consuming and convoluted process, especially for

companies constantly in flux.

Fortunately, we at PF Safety have created Factory Solutions Software. This software is fully

customizable, fully scalable, accessible anywhere there is an internet connection, and controlled

by the company. We help you establish your lockout tagout procedure library in the program

and monitor it for compliance, and you can update it as needed based upon machine or personnel

changes. It gives you the freedom and flexibility to update your own procedures while still

knowing you are in compliance.

If you have any questions about lockout tagout or about our Factory Solutions Software, please

contact us. If you have anything to add about the importance of lockout tagout procedures, please

leave a comment.