Whenever you update your facility or machinery, there are countless things which must be

accounted for. Personnel updates or changes must be properly documented, new machinery must

be logged, new floor plans created, and so on. But one thing that must never be forgotten is to

update your occupational safety and health procedures. This includes everything from ensuring

evacuation routes are still accessible to reviewing potential arc flash changes to reviewing safety

signage and visuals for accuracy. A big update to increase production and revenue can quickly be

spoiled by a visit from OSHA auditors, so you need to work hard to protect yourself from that.

But perhaps the hardest thing to update is lockout tagout procedures. As difficult as they can

be to create properly, they can be far more difficult to update if there are major changes. This

is because you need to reconcile the old procedures with new equipment in a new space with

new staff. This can be a difficult undertaking for an experienced lockout tagout auditing firm, let

alone a business owner with only a cursory understanding of Standard 1910.147.

Fortunately, we offer web based software designed to track and manage your lockout tagout

procedures. Our Factory Solutions Software is controlled, updated, and accessed by you at your

facility. It helps you in creating and updating lockout tagout procedures to ensure they are OSHA

compliant while keeping you in charge of your procedures. This way, when your facility changes

in any way, you simply plug in the changes to the program and it will help you reconfigure your

lockout tagout procedures. We take the guesswork out for you.

If you have any questions about how to update lockout tagout procedures during or after a

change, or about our Factory Solutions Software, please contact us. If you would like to add

anything about the importance of properly updating lockout tagout procedures, please leave a