Maintaining lockout tagout procedures is of instrumental importance when trying to

provide a safe workplace for your employees. Lockout tagout injuries are uniquely

dangerous, usually resulting in death. As such, OSHA takes your lockout tagout

procedures very seriously, expecting them to fully comply with OSHA Standard

1910.147. Unfortunately, Standard 1910.147 is an extremely complicated standard which

gives even seasoned occupational health and safety professionals a hard time.

For this reason, many business owners hire third party lockout tagout auditing firms to

manage their lockout tagout needs. Unfortunately, this option can be expensive and takes

all control of the procedures away from the company. These owners are left to hope

the firm is properly maintaining the procedures, and are left to hope the fees won’t be

astronomical if they want to make any changes to the facility, including the machinery,

equipment, or personnel.

Fortunately, there is another option for business owners. It is to use software that helps to

establish lockout tagout procedures and continually maintain them. Unfortunately, most

software needs to be updated every time OSHA updates its procedures, meaning you

need to keep up with regulatory changes to ensure you properly download the updates.

But now we have a perfect hybrid product. It is called Factory Solutions Software,

and it allows you to establish and maintain your procedures under our oversight,

but it is constantly monitored and maintained by us. And if there are any changes to

regulations, we make sure to notify you and help you correct your procedures. It is fully

customizable, fully scalable, and can be used to create and maintain procedures for

literally any company.

If you have any questions about our Factory Solutions Software, please contact us. If

you have anything to add about the importance of continual lockout tagout procedure

maintenance, please leave a comment.