Lockout tagout procedures are tough for most corporate safety teams to monitor and maintain. They are very complicated, very fickle, and prone to needing updating, especially from seemingly unrelated changes to personnel or the facility. But good lockout tagout procedures that are well monitored and maintained are invaluable. Unfortunately, if the company should ever relocate, those procedures will likely become outdated.

Now if most of the machinery will stay the same after the move is completed, much of the lockout tagout procedures will remain usable, at least in some capacity. But determining what will and will not need to be updated can become quite a daunting task. Add in the stress of reevaluating every other health and safety procedure at the facility, and there is a good chance something will be overlooked or wrongly updated.

It is for this reason we recommend a full third party safety audit on any facility after a major move from another location, to ensure the new facility is properly set up. These audits would require an auditor perform a full wall-to-wall investigation of the facility, looking for any and all possible hazards and determining the best course of action to protect employees from the hazard. In addition, you can have your lockout tagout procedures audited through a qualified third party lockout tagout auditing firm.

No matter what you decide when you move your factory, it is important to have a plan in place to maintain your lockout tagout procedures; should you have any questions about maintaining your procedures, please contact us. If you have anything to add in relation to properly maintaining lockout tagout procedures during a move, please leave a comment.