The United States Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration has

cited I-80 Equipment LLC for thirty three serious safety and health violations. They come in

response to an inspection of a worksite in Colona, Ill in June of 2015. This inspection was

initiated in response to a complaint filed alleging unsafe working condutions. The citations are

for violations relating to: chemical exposure; lack of respiratory protection; lack of adequate eye

protection; electrical safety hazards; absence of fall protection; improperly stored compressed

gas and oxygen cylinders; and multiple other safety and health violations. These violations carry

proposed penalties of $133,000.

“Proper respiratory protection and monitoring are vital when workers use solvents containing

methylene chloride to strip, degrease and clean equipment,” said Tom Bielema, OSHA’s area

director in Peoria. “Employers using chemicals in the workplace must take all precautions to

protect the long-term health of workers.”

This is a case of an employee recognizing an unsafe workplace and contacting OSHA directly to

lodge a complaint. And unfortunately for the company, there were multiple violations at this

worksite which OSHA discovered. This is why it is important to have comprehensive

occupational safety and health policies and procedures which cover every area of workplace

safety. Otherwise, should there be a deficiency in one area, violations will be found across the

board by OSHA, as their investigators will not simply investigate the issue for which they were

called into the facility.

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