Lockout tagout policies and procedures are among the most difficult policies and procedures in

all of occupational safety and health to monitor. This is because lockout tagout policies and

procedures often need to be changed extremely frequently as compared to other areas of

occupational safety and health, which can lead to difficulties in keeping track of what the new

procedures are to monitor. In addition, lockout tagout policies and procedures are monitored by

OSHA Standard 1910.147, which is an extremely complicated OSHA standard. It has many

variables to consider, many unique properties, and creates a difficult arena within which to work.

Then there is the difficulty of creating actual policies and procedures which allow for proper

monitoring. For some, the answer lies in hiring a third party lockout tagout auditing firm. This

firm, then, will create the policies and procedures and monitor them on behalf of the company.

And while this should ensure accurate procedures, it also leaves gaps during the times the

auditing firm is not in the facility and takes control of the policies and procedures out of the

hands of the management.

In response, we have created our Factory Solutions Software. This is a web-based program that

allows you to track and monitor your lockout tagout policies and procedures anywhere you have

an internet connection. It is fully customizable, fully scalable, and fully in your control. It is

monitored by a leading lockout tagout auditing firm, but you never need to worry about how

accurate or up-to-date your lockout tagout policies and procedures are.

If you have any questions about lockout tagout policy and procedure monitoring or about our

Factory Solutions Software, please contact us. If you have anything to add about the importance

of properly monitoring lockout tagout policies and procedures, please leave a comment.