To ensure anything in the world of occupational safety and health is compliant and up to date, it is advisable to audit the relevant policies and procedures and compare them against then-current standards. For many companies, this can largely be done in-house without involving potentially costly third party occupational safety and health auditors. There are, however, certain areas of occupational safety and health where a third party might be a better idea as the specific wording of the standards relating to the policies and procedures are either convoluted or difficult to work with.

One such are of occupational safety and health is lockout tagout. Lockout tagout policies and procedures are based upon OSHA Standard 1910.147. This standard is extremely complicated and individual procedures can be impacted by a host of variables, making a situation where no two facilities will have the same lockout tagout procedures. The procedures can be impacted by the positioning of the machinery and the personnel at the facility.

Unfortunately, hiring a third party lockout tagout auditing firm can be expensive and forces management to relinquish control of the lockout tagout procedures to a third party. In addition, this usually requires a company to hire the third party lockout tagout auditing firm on for a long-term auditing contract, as the procedures will need to be updated anytime there is a change to the personnel, machinery, location of the workplace, or OSHA regulations.

Fortunately, there is now an alternative which gives you the peace of mind of working with a leading third party lockout tagout auditing firm without the major costs or forcing you to relinquish control of your procedures. Our Factory Solutions Software is a fully customizable, fully scalable web-based program where you can upload your lockout tagout procedures and have them constantly under review by us.

If you have any questions about third party lockout tagout audits or about our Factory Solutions Software, please contact us. If you have anything to add about the importance of updated lockout tagout procedures, please leave a comment.