Establishing lockout tagout procedures can be an extremely difficult process. You need to

consult with OSHA Standard 1910.147, account for every machine in your facility, account for

current personnel and potential future changes, and account for what changes will be needed if

the facility is changed or updated. Finally, you need to consistently review the procedures and

Standard 1910.147 to ensure your procedures remain in compliance.

To do this, most companies either hire an external lockout tagout auditing firm to establish and

manage the procedures or utilize the resources of the safety team to manage it in-house. In the

first case, the company ultimately gives up control of its procedures to an external company,

relying upon someone else to keep the facility safe and compliant. In the second case, the

company is reliant upon a safety team which is generally overworked and may not have the

specialization required for such a convoluted area of occupational safety and health.

Instead, we would recommend using lockout tagout software to establish and monitor your

lockout tagout procedures. This software, our Factory Solutions Software, is fully customizable,

fully scalable, can be updated anywhere there is an internet connection, and will ensure your

procedures are always compliant. Should regulations change, you will be notified. Should you

update your procedures in a way which would bring you out of compliance, will be notified. It

gives you the peace of mind of a world class lockout tagout auditing firm reviewing your

procedures while allowing you to remain in control of your own procedures.

If you have any questions about establishing or monitoring lockout tagout procedures or our

Factory Solutions Software, please contact us. If you have anything to add about establishing or

monitoring lockout tagout procedures, please leave a comment.