Safety signs and safety visuals are key components of many OSHA standards. They are visual

markers of potential hazards and safety devices, alike. So ensuring you have adequate signs and

visuals is extremely important, both as a reminder to regular employees and a warning or guide

to others who may be in that area of your facility.

However, not just any signs and visuals will do. OSHA has set very strict guidelines relating

to them, including what colors are acceptable, what size lettering is acceptable, how large the

signs must be, and the words which must be used. And if your sign does not meet the OSHA

guidelines, you can find yourself in serious trouble on an audit. Or worse, the sign may not be

effective in the event of a true emergency.

Unfortunately, these guidelines are not in one, convenient place. And two signs which say the

same thing may need to look different based upon which standard governs them. So for this

reason, you need to be sure whomever is printing your signs has a clear understanding of the

complicated rules which surround this signage.

We have a store which covers some common signs and visuals, but we can also create custom

visuals if needed based upon your facility. If you have any questions when ordering signs, even

if you are simply replacing damaged ones, it is important to speak with occupational safety and

health experts. If you guess, and guess wrong, a simple incorrect color can wind up costing your

company tens of thousands of dollars.

If you have any questions about safety signs and visuals, please contact us. If you have anything

to add about the importance of ordering the correct signage, please leave a comment.