The United States Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration was

established to ensure workplace safety for employees. It has created a number of standards

which are used to set minimum requirements for safety compliance. These standards set basic

requirements when establishing your own occupational safety and health procedures as well as

requirements to maintain these procedures. Some are extremely easy to establish and maintain

while others can be incredibly difficult. One of the most difficult procedures to establish and

perpetually maintain is lockout tagout.

Lockout tagout procedures are governed by OSHA Standard 1910.147. This standard is infamous

in its difficulty to understand and maintain, as it is completely different for every single factory

and needs to be constantly changed to account for changing parts within the facility. This can

prove to be a daunting task for a safety team, and as such many owners opt to hire professional

third party lockout tagout experts to maintain their lockout tagout procedures. Unfortunately,

this can become extremely expensive and can create a situation where the company loses

control over its own procedures, making it hard to change lockout tagout firms or to retake the

responsibility of maintaining the procedures.

But now, there is an option which gives the peace of mind of a leading lockout tagout auditing

firm monitoring your procedures while you remain in control of them. It is our Factory Solutions

Software; this software allows you to update your procedures anywhere you have an internet

connection, it is fully scalable, fully customizable, and will hold your entire procedure library.

As you make changes, it automatically reviews them to ensure they are fully compliant. And

if OSHA should make changes to the lockout tagout requirements, the software will make you

aware and provide corrective action to bring you back into compliance.

If you have any questions about establishing or maintaining lockout tagout procedures, or

about our Factory Solutions Software, please contact us. If you have anything to add about the

importance of properly maintaining lockout tagout procedures, please leave a comment.