As important as it is to establish efficient and compliant safety policies and procedures, it is

equally important to maintain them. To do this, you need to have proper procedures in place to

constantly and perpetually evaluate their efficacy. You also need to ensure you stay abreast of

any OSHA regulatory changes; you don’t want to maintain and follow rules which are no longer

compliant. But to help ensure your plan is sufficient, current, and being properly followed, and

to ensure there are no hazards unaccounted for, it is important to have third party safety audits

performed by a third party occupational safety and health professional auditing firm.

Third party safety audits help protect your employees from injury by ensuring all possible

hazards are protected against. They help protect your bottom line by protecting you from

exorbitant fines from OSHA for safety and health violations. And they help ensure your plant

and employees are ready for anything in the changing environment of health and safety which

we are witnessing now.

A third party safety audit should include a review of your current safety plans and procedures,

compared against a full wall-to-wall inspection of your facility and current OSHA regulations

and requirements. This will uncover deficiencies in the plans and procedures and allow the

auditor to create a list of recommendations to fix the inadequacies. This will help ensure your

facility is a safe place for people to work that is also protected against the threat of a negative

OSHA audit.

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