Third party safety audits, both internal and external, are important to ensure any safety

program is both compliant and being followed by the staff and management. Routine

third party audits ensure new employees are properly trained, all policies and procedures

are compliant as per any OSHA or other regulatory agency’s changes, and are a

requirement of OSHA for most industries.

And while some areas of the occupational safety and health arena are fairly easy to

remain compliant within, there are other areas which can be difficult. Lockout tagout,

for instance, requires updates and changes every time there is a change to personnel,

machinery, layout, or regulations. So the question becomes: what to do in between audits

for things like lockout tagout? And while the answer can be difficult for some areas of

occupational safety and health, it is quite simple for lockout tagout.

Internet based software, such as our Factory Solutions, allows you to have constant

monitoring of your lockout tagout procedures from a leading lockout tagout auditing

firm. You input your current lockout tagout library and procedures, you can adjust it

anytime you need for staffing or machinery changes, and we will notify you if your

procedures are no longer OSHA compliant. If OSHA changes their policies, you will be

notified of the required updates to remain compliant. It is like an auditor is constantly

overseeing your lockout tagout procedures.

If you have any questions about third party lockout tagout audits or about our Factory

Solutions software, please contact us. If you have anything to add about the importance

of routine lockout tagout auditing, please leave a comment.